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2021-06-26 23:51:37
ares v121 released

I've released ares v121. Because it is not fully complete or stable, it is released as source code only.

The license is now once again ISC instead of CC-BY-NC-ND.

Master System, WonderSwan, and WonderSwan Color compatibility have increased to 100%, with no remaining known bugs.

The Neo Geo Pocket is very close to 100% now with one issue remaining, where sound effects sometimes mute in games.

Nintendo 64 compatibility has increased to above 80% thanks to corrections to controller pak handling.

Several NES and Mega CD fixes have been added. EEPROM support has been added for the Mega Drive.

Memory cards and paks now pre-format themselves, so you don't have to do so in-game or in BIOS settings.

The new Neo Geo emulation is slowly improving, but it's still very preliminary with only seven games fully playable so far.

The Nintendo 64 SM5K and PlayStation HC05 processor cores have been emulated, but not connected yet due to a lack of information.

Added mouse input support and connected peripheral selection to the GUI, so mice and light gun games can now be used.

There is now per-system input mapping overlays, so you can map controllers based on the original system button names.

And lastly as promised, the SNES core has gained optional widescreen support.


Download Here CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)